Bunded Tanks - What are they & Do I need one ?

Bunded Tanks are Double skin tanks, a tank within a tank, non-bunded tanks are single skin.

Unlike Bunded Oil tanks, Single Skin Oil tanks Incorporate NO form of Secondary Containment whatsoever. In the event of a spill, a pollution incident will result. Harlequin Single Skin Oil Tanks are therefore unsuitable for installation at Agriculture Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Premises.

Single Skin Tanks are also unsuitable at any Domestic Installation where

Even where a Single Skin tank may suffice, serious consideration should be given to a fitting of a Bunded tank.

A Bunded Tank consists of a “Tank within a Tank” The Inner tank is the primary storage vessel, whilst the outer tank acts as a failsafe. In the event of a spill, surplus fuel will safely and securely be stored within the outer tank and an environmental pollution incident will be averted.

Gordon Halnon Oils will assume no Responsibility whatsoever for the installation of a Single Skin Tank, where a Bunded Tank is required.